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Using SEO in Your Company

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Using SEO in Your Company

How companies can use SEO to their advantage

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term for managing websites so that they rank highly in unpaid “organic” results of search engines like Google or Bing. SEO has grown into a professional field, providing businesses with a service as useful and necessary as advertising.

Because it is based on understanding the details of arcane, fast-changing rules set by corporate search engines, SEO has gained a reputation for being mysterious and difficult to master. A good SEO company like ExpoHosting can handle these issues and deliver solid results.


The SEO Advantage

SEO History

SEO was born about one minute after the first graphical search engines began displaying results. Website owners immediately saw the value of visibility and ranking high on search pages, and went to work to find out how to get there.

Some operators inevitably found ways to game the search algorithms and falsify worthiness. These practices are known as “black hat” SEO which involved dubious tactics like misleading meta information, fake accounts, page coding tricks, invisible and hidden links, etc.

The situation led search engines to improve their systems and offer greater transparency into factors which affect ranking. Stricter rules were welcomed by practitioners who saw the potential benefit of SEO.


SEO Today

Authentic “white hat” methods have gained ground as search engines improved their systems, and today’s SEO techniques conform to rules and formats based on greater authenticity.

Scammers have fallen by the wayside as legitimate SEO companies have stood the test of time. The practice of SEO has matured into a legitimate business practice … and an increasingly specialized skill. Your competitors are taking advantage of SEO right now because it works.


Why your website needs SEO

No one creates a website to be ignored … but unfortunately, most are. A January 2018 Web Server Survey by Netcraft found over 1.8 billion websites in existence, but the vast majority get very few visitors. If your website doesn’t show up in search results, you are invisible to the market.


How your company can benefit from SEO

SEO has matured into an important business service that offers the benefits of exposure and a targeted sales audience ready to make a purchase.


Website Visibility & Authority

You don’t exist online if people can’t find you. Unless you only need a simple online “business card” presence, SEO is important for the visibility and reputation it offers.


Targeted Audience

Simply gaining visitors isn’t as important as attracting the right ones, and effective SEO can help you reach your target audience online. By focusing on selected criteria important to your customer base, SEO helps you attract visitors looking for what your business has to offer.


Sales Lead Generator

The traffic that SEO can bring to your website is especially valuable because visitors are already looking for your service or product. This self-selected and pre-qualified audience is primed to buy … that way turning your website into a built-in sale lead generator.


Getting Started

Businesses hire an SEO agency for several reasons:

  • To eliminate the learning curve and effort involved
  • To stay current with the latest changes by search engines
  • To benefit from industrial-level tools and resources
  • To secure the benefit of professional knowledge and experience


There are aspects of SEO that computer-savvy individuals can accomplish, but most business owners find it more effective to engage an experienced SEO company. If your website is important to your business–and it should be–you can hire a professional firm like ExpoHosting. SEO is a business expense that helps your bottom line.



SEO offers online visibility and qualified traffic. A reputable SEO company knows the latest information and most effective techniques and has experience in what works, what’s hot, and what is overdone. They have the tools and know how to use them—in short, a good SEO company like ExpoHosting can make money for your business.

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