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Why is it Important to Have Your Website Speed And Mobile Optimized When it Comes to SEO?

SEO Agency in Miami

Why is it Important to Have Your Website Speed And Mobile Optimized When it Comes to SEO?

The Relevance of Having Your Website Optimized When It Comes To SEO – Expohosting SEO Agency in Miami

Search engine optimization is a big deal in the global scene today. Two in every five e-commerce traffic hits come from search engines. Companies cannot afford to ignore search. As SEO evolves, search engines such as Google are getting better at machine learning. They are rewarding hard work and quality. Since everyone can get content, competition is fierce. Every item on the web is now an avenue for combat.

Website speeds and mobile optimization are the new battleground areas. The most significant today is the latter. Mobile gadgets are making it possible for people to go online with all the convenience they can ask for. Optimizing your mobile speeds and compatibility is no longer an option. Here is why.

More Users Are Going Mobile

Mobile search has already overtaken desktop queries. Google commands 95 percent of that traffic. Smartphones are now one stop shop. They have integration with mobile and online money, social media, and many other options. Once you win a customer on mobile, you will have put your brand in his or her hands literally.

Almost all smartphone owners log into their social media accounts through their phones. They interact with brands and links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. When it comes to social shares, which improves search engine presence and overall visibility, links travel through these media. You don’t want a person to click on a shared website that is not optimized. The person will abandon the pursuit. If you have an SEO agency in Miami doing your optimization, you can avoid such an eventuality.

It is What the Search Engines Want—Google Wants Mobile-First

As a marketer, you have to do what is relevant. Google offers insights on what matters when it comes to search rankings. According to them, mobile optimization comes first. Google relies on big data analytics to make decisions. They noticed that people trust their smartphones.

People are more likely to buy online via mobile than they are over the desktop. Mobile page loading speed matters because it delivers the client what he or she wants on time.

Mobile Users Have Unlimited Options—They Can Switch Anytime They Are Frustrated

Customers want a page to load in less than two seconds. If your website is redirecting and redirecting, you will be left there redirecting. One more second and you will lose one in every 10 possible sales. A user has no obligation to wait for you.

SEO is all about quality leads and conversions. Leads are not enough; you want someone to get in, stick around, and eventually buy. That is what an optimized web page does. An SEO agency in Miami, such as Expohosting, can help you achieve such optimization goals.

To Take Advantage of The Paid Clicks—a Quarter of Google’s paid Clicks Came from Mobile In 2012

Not everyone knows that highlighted pages at the top of SERPs are paid ads. They will click on them. The page has to be lightning fast. It should load before the customer gets a second thought. It does not matter what the customer clicked on, all he or she wants is a great experience. SEO battleground is on delivering the ultimate customer experience. Nobody wants to wait. Local searches can take advantage of keywords such as SEO in Miami to drive foot traffic to company stores.


Website speeds and mobile optimization are not options. They are mandatory. A good SEO agency in Miami can help you optimize your website speeds. It can also help you optimize for a mobile experience. Expohosting, which focuses on SEO in Miami, can help you deal with all optimization efforts.

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