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We strive to develop customized responsive web development solutions, not cookie-cutter projects. Each website we develop is truly unique. No two are ever identical. Our custom web builds do not rely on templates, plugins or “found code.” This allows us to provide you with a customized, user-friendly, stable and reliable website.

We typically engage with clients in one of two ways, depending on your needs.

Front-End Custom Development

desFront-end web development refers to any functional elements that users see and interact with, such as image carousels or slide-out menus. When carefully thought-out and well-built, these components can serve as content cornerstones. Our front end functional pieces are custom-fit, built-from-scratch solutions that aren’t just exceptionally easy to maintain and expand on; they’re also reliable and stable.

Our dedicated team of experienced web developers create custom online solutions. Whether it is enhancing an existing application or architecting an enterprise application, our developers are up for the challenge. By focusing on the specific needs and goals of our clients, Expohosting develops custom web solutions that deliver results.


Back-End Custom Programming

22The back-end of a website is comprised of complicated code that’s never seen or interacted with, but drives the whole show. It’s what allows our Certified Developers to tie into databases, process form data and more. It’s the driving force behind your site. 90% of new websites will have the need for some custom back-end web programming. This customization allows you to integrate your in-house data systems, keep your data in sync, and add dynamic content and flexibility.

As with everything we do, all of our web solutions are tailored to your specific needs. If you have an idea or vision, we can build it. No project is too large or complex. In fact, we live for these challenges

Our custom web programming capabilities:

→ AJAX/Javascript/jQuery
→ C#, Visual Basic

→  .NET MVC, .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.0
→  XML
→  Google Maps API and other GIS technologies

→  eCommerce integration
→  WordPress custom theming and development
→  PHP


We explore every option in order to ultimately create an intuitive site architecture. We craft a user experience that is efficient and easy to navigate. And we create design concepts that best communicate your brand message, guide users toward specific goals, and make your customers smile – or even think.


All great websites begin with a strong strategic foundation. We always take the time to define your project by establishing goals, performing keyword research, completing competitor reviews, developing a sitemap and creating wireframes for all major screen sizes, all before we even open Photoshop.


Responsive web design requires attention to detail and careful use of space. During our design process, we create layouts for desktop, tablet and smartphone screens, always keeping those specific users in mind. People have different goals depending on the devices they’re using, and we design according to those goals.


We always code to the latest standards and take all screen sizes into account—even the ones in between. Many websites are coded only to look great on the few typical screen sizes, but ours respond and scale fluidly no matter what device you’re using. This ensures that all users have a cohesive experience.


Our whole process is leading up to the grand finale—a successful launch! Prior to launch day, we’ll finalize testing, do a complete review of the site and provide you with all the details to ensure a smooth launch.