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7 Basic SEO Tips

7 Basic SEO Tips - Expohosting

7 Basic SEO Tips

SEO is a difficult area of the internet to master. So many things can affect your SEO ranking, directly impacting your visits, impressions and followers. There are certain strategies that can be implemented in order to make the most of SEO, however. These SEO tips have been used by high ranking web pages, and have proven to be successful.

SEO Tips

1. Make sure your page is working at top speed.

When a web page loads slowly, many visitors assume the website is unsafe or untrustworthy. Visitors to slow web pages frequently just leave the page without ever looking at anything, and almost all visitors of a slow web page never return.

To fix this issue, remove anything on your page that isn’t necessary. If something is necessary but slows down your page, consider other options that will work instead. Having a high-speed web page is essential for top SEO.

2. Include outbound links.

These outbound links should be links to similar or relevant content. Doing this is a great SEO strategy because it makes your website trackable. You are more likely to have your own web page shared and used as a reference if you are known for doing the same for other web pages.

Additionally, when you link to another web page and contact the owner of that web page, they may share your content with their followers. This will, of course, gain more traffic for your web page.

3. Use web analytics.

Using web analytics tracks your progress or lack thereof. It will essentially tell you what is working and what you need to change about your content. With some web analytic services, you will even be able to find out how people are leaving your web page, whether it be by clicking on a link, closing the entire browser, or another way. You will also be able to figure out what visitors are clicking on when they are on your web page.

4. Write a meta description.

For each page or post on your web page, you should write a meta description. The meta description is what people will see underneath of your link on google. It tells the viewer what that page is about before they even click on it.

If your meta description is lacking relevance or something that makes it unique, it is less likely to be clicked on.

5. Use relevant keywords in your image titles or descriptions.

Make sure each image has a title with exact keywords in it. When people are searching for images, they typically search keywords. For this reason, the image titles and descriptions should only contain the keywords. Nothing more, and definitely nothing less. This method makes your web page appear closer to the top of the list in searches.

6. Consistently post new content.

The more often new content is posted on your web page, the more likely your web page is to rank higher on a search engine. Lacking new content on a regular basis can make your SEO rank drop, which can cause you to miss out on visitors.

7. Consistently work to improve SEO strategies.

Figuring out the best SEO strategies can be confusing and time-consuming, and you may still miss some critical issues on your web page. In order to know what you need to work on, you could get an SEO audit report from us at Expohosting.


How Will You Know if Expohosting Will Help You?

At Expohosting we offer a free consultation for your web page, allowing you to figure out what needs to be changed without taking a ton of your own time. You will also be able to see the problems that we will notice and what services we can offer to fix the problems. Invaluable SEO tips will be given, helping to increase the number of visitors to your web page.

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